DATE: Saturday, April 4, 2020
SUBJECT: Sheriff’s Office K9 Apprehends Driver of Stolen Vehicle
CONTACT: Sergeant Chad Howard or Major Mark Rasure
AUTHORITY: Sheriff Dave Wedding

Shortly after 08:30 this morning the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to the 14000 block of Browning Road in northern Vanderburgh County to investigate a suspicious vehicle. Deputies arrived to find a blue 2012 Ford Town and County mini-van parked off of the roadway. The investigating deputies discovered that the vehicle was reported stolen from the state of Georgia.

As the deputies attempted to check the vehicle for occupants, the driver suddenly started the ignition and attempted to drive away. The driver nearly struck one of the deputies in his attempt to flee. The vehicle was able to boxed in, but the driver refused to exit the van. Deputies attempted to negotiate with the suspect to exit; however, he continued to refuse. As a result, a Sheriff’s Office K9 was deployed through a broken window to apprehend the lone occupant of the vehicle. The suspect, Carl Culbertson Jr., was transported to a local hospital for medical clearance before being booked into the Vanderburgh County jail for the below listed charges.

Auto Theft- Receiving (L6)
Resisting Law Enforcement (L6)
Criminal Recklessness While Armed with a Deadly Weapon
Resisting Law Enforcement (AM)
Trespassing (AM)