• The information we share is posted as it is dispatched. It is considered raw, details are not confirmed and may not be accurate. 
  • It is very important to read the updates our admins post in the comments section under the original posts on Facebook and in the follow-up tweets on Twitter. Because of our “As It Happens” policy, incidents are shared on our sites as they unfold and details can change dramatically from what was originally reported. Also, some outcomes are simply not known and updates will not be provided because of this.
  • We monitor and update EvansvilleWatch as many hours as we possibly can. However, we are an all volunteer site so, unfortunately, there will be times when we’re not available and the pages will not be updated. The times we monitor will vary depending on our personal schedules.
  • To respect patient privacy, we do not include specific information in the medical runs we post and we only post them when the fire department has been dispatched to assist EMS. 
  • We are NOT affiliated with any law enforcement or dispatch agency. Do not use our email, telephone number or any of our social media accounts to report crime tips or emergencies. For emergencies, dial 911!

picture/texting policies

  • Do NOT put yourself or others in harm’s way and never go to any incident or accident scene simply for the sake of a picture or video. The authorities and first responders must be able to do their jobs without any outside interference. 
  • We will not use photos that show the faces of the involved parties, that are too graphic or are otherwise deemed inappropriate for public use by the on-duty administrator(s). 
  • When you submit a photo/video to us, it is implied you have given us permission to use it here on EvansvilleWatch Online and/or on EW’s social media accounts. This includes Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. If you do not want us to share your photo, please let us know when it is submitted. 
  • NEVER take/send a picture or text information to us while you are driving. Wait until you’re safely off the roadway and stopped at your destination before doing so. 
  • We truly do appreciate it when our followers think enough of us to share photos of incidents/accidents, but please be responsible and use common sense. Each scene is different, so think before snapping and sending. Thank you.