about evansvillewatch

“As social media became very popular in 2009, I wanted to start a site using the platform that could quickly disseminate public safety and traffic information to keep local folks informed. After experimenting with a couple different ideas, I finally decided the best way I could do this would be to monitor scanner traffic (and a few other sources) and share what is dispatched as it happens. Simple, yet effective!  

EvansvilleWatch started on Twitter and on Blogspot.com in the summer of 2009 and we steadily added followers on both. As these accounts continued to grow, I decided to join Facebook in September of 2010. EW became so popular on Facebook that my friend page quickly reached it’s 5000 follower maximum in April 2011. I was turning follower requests down due to the Facebook limit and decided to convert to a fan page (no limits) on 04/26/11.

EvansvilleWatch is currently available on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and with your support continues to grow daily! “

Thank you!
Bill Merkel

On May 25, 2018 we lost our founder and “Batman,” Bill Merkel suddenly. That loss took us all by surprise and left us wondering what to do with EvansvilleWatch. How was someone to just suddenly take over the enormous task of keeping EW running? In December of 2018, after several months of trying to figure out the future of EW, we decided to re-energize EW as it is too valuable of an asset for the citizens of our community to have lost. A lot of behind the scenes deliberating went into this decision, both logistically and emotionally. This was a sudden and enormous task to take over suddenly. This decision came down to the years of dedication that Bill put into this. Most weeks Bill worked 65+ hours, day and night, monitoring the city of Evansville. We did not want that time to be “thrown away” per-say.

Today, we have very big plans for the future of EW including technology investments and updates, more dedicated service provided, and a broader range of information being relayed to our followers. Our mission is to “keep our community informed” and we plan on doing just that.