DATE: August 30, 2021
SUBJECT: Felon Apprehended Following Chase
CONTACT: Major Jason Ashworth
AUTHORITY: Sheriff David Wedding

On August 30th, 2021, law enforcement personnel assigned to the Evansville-Vanderburgh County
Drug Task Force observed Roger Dale Hoops Jr. on the Lloyd Expressway near Fielding Road. It
was known that Mr. Hoops had an active felony warrant for methamphetamine possession. Officers
attempted to stop Mr. Hoops in his vehicle, but Mr. Hoops fled driving east on the Lloyd Expressway
in his black 2000 Chevrolet Silverado. Mr. Hoops led officers into Warrick County where deputies
with the Warrick County Sheriff’s Office and the Newburgh Police Department assisted. Mr. Hoops
continued to flee from law enforcement and re-entered Vanderburgh County where he made his way
on to South Weinbach Avenue. Personnel terminated the pursuit as Mr. Hoops got close to the
University of Evansville. It was there that Mr. Hoops fled on foot and was apprehended a short time
later in a back yard of nearby residence by assisting officers with the Evansville Police Department.
Both the University of Evansville and Reitz Memorial High School were notified of the incident in the
area as a precautionary measure. There were no attempts by Mr. Hoops to enter any of the buildings
of UE or Memorial High School.

Roger Dale Hoops Jr. 44, of Mt. Vernon, IN

CT I Resisting LE in vehicle w/ Prior (L5)
CT II Possession of Methamphetamine (L6)
CT III Possession of syringe (L6)
CT IV Possession of Paraphernalia (CM)
CT V Reckless Driving (CM)
CT VI Possession of Cocaine/Narc Drug (L6)